General VPS questions (4)

General VPS questions

SolusVM panel questions (5)

Here you can find some answers to common SolusVM questions.

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 How can I reinstall my vps?

Please login to you SolusVM panel and click button "Reinstall" You will be presented with many...

 Can I host warez on your vps?

No you cannot. If we receive any abuse about such content then it shall be removed asap.

 Please install software on my vps.

Please note that our VPSes are unmanaged so we cannot install software or configure your vps.

 I need TUN/TAP please enable it.

You can do this via control panel. Please login to SolusVM panel and there you can enable TUN/TAP...

 How to temporary disable my vps?

Please login to SolusVM panel and click icon "Shutdown".You can easilly later re-enable your vps...

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